Custom Vinyl and Canvas Covers

L & L Tarp and Canvas specializes in custom canvas covers and vinyl tarps. We offer a variety of fabrics and colors so we can meet your exact specifications. Our durable American-Made materials are also waterproof and flame retardant. Start your project today by giving us a call at (616) 669-9700 or tell us about your project and and how we can help you by filling out our form here.

Gage and Fixture Covers

L&L Tarp and Canvas often creates custom vinyl tarp covers for gage and fixture companies. We specialize in custom covers and use vinyl coated woven polyester with high tensile strength capacity. Quality materials and craftsmanship help make durable and well fitting five-sided covers for gage and fixture companies. These machine covers are made-to-order so you can get covers that fit perfectly and that will last for years to come. Ask us about our flame retardant materials that can help keep your workspace safe.